History of The Park

Welcome to The Three Kingdoms Park, where one of the most famous Chinese legends is brought to life. The original concept and design of the park was initiated by a man whose life is a legend of its own.

A man called Kiarti Srifuengfung, the Thai-Sino business entrepreneur who built an enormous business empire with his own hands.

Kiarti loved the land. He spent the majority of his old age in Pattaya and also decided to create something for his descendants, but not only the Srifuengfungs descendants, but all Thai, Chinese and mankind.

Kiarti’s inspiration was from his admiration for Kong Beng, one of the main characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Hence he spent year after year designing the main tower, where we are now, and surrounding it the landscape of the park. He worked closely with architects to ensure that his innovation would become a masterpiece.

Here is his Three Kingdoms Dream Park. The place contains a collection of information about the novel 三國 演義 Romance of the Three Kingdoms, an historical Chinese literary classic which is famously known to young and old alike and has been translated into more than 10 different languages. Written by Luo Ghanzhong, this historical masterpiece begins in 169 AD and follows the downfall of the powerful Han Dynasty. It is part historical and part mythical, dealing with military battles and personal and political plots, one can compare this writing to that of Shakespeare. Comprising of 800,000 words and almost 1000 different characters, the story has been analysed and certain characteristics stood out, those of management, marketing, strategic planning, on the ability to adapt to one’s surrounding and that of intelligence. Things that are just as relevant nowadays as they were back then.